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Walking in the Cosmos: Artists interpreting Urban Reverence

This event has already taken place.Nov. 4, 2022 – 4, 10 am – 5 pm,
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Curated by Luchia Meihua Lee of the Taiwanese American Arts Council (TAAC)


Participating artists


  1. Steven Balogh
  2. Eun Young Choi
  3. Chih-Chui Chuang
  4. Kotaro Fukui
  5. Felipe Galindo
  6. Sarah Haviland
  7. Diana Heise
  8. Hsiao-Chu (Julia) Hsia
  9. Chemin Hsiao
  10. Hiroshi Jashiki
  11. Ming-Jer Kuo
  12. Catherine Lan
  13. Rosalía Mowgli
  14. Hsuan-Yu Pan
  15. j. maya luz
  16. Marlene Tseng-Yu
  17. Sarah Walko
  18. Yeh Fang

Musical Performance – Pei-Wen Liao (violin) and Yadi Liang (piano)





(October 30, Murray Hill, Queens) TAAC announces a partnership with Voelker Orth Museum to host an exhibition, “Walking in the Cosmos: Artists interpreting Urban Reverence”, which will be open in-person to the public in Murray Hill, Queens. A total of 18 multi-disciplinary artists will join forces in this exhibition.


Analyzed historically in the context of the planet, the phenomenon of urban tribes involves the survival of human beings and maintenance of balance among living things. The discourse thus moves to valuing human nature, preserving multiple cultures, renewing the environment, and honoring the new multi-faceted unity. Myths of universe operation have been recently and swiftly contorted by urban displacement. In pastoral settings, the passage of nature’s simple diurnal imagery held rich mythologies of our environment to be reverenced. Art creators are able to mediate and textualize new connections to culture. In this Thanksgiving season, we invite you to range over the Voelker Orth Museum, Victorian Garden, and Bird Sanctuary.


Curator Luchia Lee said: “More broadly, the health of the planet and the survival of human beings require the coexistence and maintenance of balance between our environment and various living things, as well as the amelioration of human relations within our society. This exhibit presents multiple artistic responses regarding the urgency of this situation.”


We invite you to visit the Voelker Orth Museum to appreciate special and wonderful artistic creations, such as Taiwanese-American artist Ming-Jer Kuo’s hanging printed acetate film inspired by the topography of American housing developments. Korean artist Eun Young Choi felt the spark created by the tension between her son’s German-Korean immigrant family and the Volker Orth Museum located in the Korean community, and on the glass in the museum’s libraries she used stickers to depict natural plant decorations, interspersed with names and places important to her son’s heritage. Five paintings by Taiwanese-American artist Chemin Hsiao humorously express the loneliness he experienced during the pandemic. Hungarian-born artist Steven Balogh painted a ballerina in ballet shoes chasing a hummingbird. Sarah Haviland, who went to Taiwan to conduct creative research as a Fulbright scholar, created various sculptures reflecting her long-time interest in birds. For example, one of her works here, “Magpie Bridge”, represents her reaction to the Asian story of the annual reunion of the Cowboy and the Weaver. Hsuan-Yu Pan’s contribution is a short film of Taiwan puppetry in New York.

These are just a few of the delights awaiting a visitor to Walking in the Cosmos at the Voelker Orth Museum.