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Tap Dance Foundation International Zoom Forum

Jan. 10 – 10, 9 – 10:30 pm,
International Tap Dance Zoom Forum

The American Tap Dance Foundation’s INTERNATIONAL TAP DANCE ZOOM FORUM will return on Tuesday, January 10 at 10am ET and 9pm ET, with participants from the USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Germany and Spain joining together to compare notes on the art form’s funding, perception, and programing. Discussions will range from showcasing work, events, and classes to sharing issues, fears, and questions about the field. The ATDF International Tap Dance Zoom Forum, which began in 2021 during Tap City, the NYC Tap Festival, will continue quarterly, hoping to create a greater understanding between the world’s diverse tap dance scenes.

Two International Tap Dance Zoom Forum sessions have been scheduled for January 10, to accommodate Asia and Australia area participants. THIS EVENT IS FREE. To join the discussion, register at: atdf.org/events.

The American Tap Dance Foundation (ATDF) is a non-profit 501c3 organization committed to establishing and legitimizing Tap as a vital component of American dance through creation, presentation, education, and preservation.  ATDF is recognized as a local, national, and international leader in the field and continues to further three main objectives: to perpetuate tap dance as a flourishing contemporary art form on a National and International level; to provide a basis for the growth of tap dance by teaching new generations through comprehensive educational programs; and to preserve the artistry of the early generations of tap masters.On January 2, 2010, the American Tap Dance Foundation opened the doors to its current home, the American Tap Dance Center. Find out more at atdf.org.


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