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Early Childhood Educator Series: Decolonizing Early Childhood Education (CTLE 1.5)

January 26, 3:30 pm.

The Brooklyn Public Library Early Childhood Educator Series is an annual professional development series for early childhood educators, including everyone who works with young children from childcare providers to NYS Certified teachers, who receive free CTLE credits for attending. We explore topics chosen by educators in our communities that are not often included in teacher training programs. 
Early Childhood Educator Series: Decolonizing Early Childhood Education (CTLE 1.5)
In this foundational workshop, educators will:

Examine and define their relationship with lands, waters, and Indigenous peoples
Identify indicators of colonialism in society, and in the early childhood education sector. 
Collaboratively generate new strategies for undoing colonialism.

This workshop is participatory and will incorporate arts-integrated pedagogy. 

Speaker Bio:  Emi Aguilar (she/they) is a Coahuiltecan Arts Educator, community organizer, and multidisciplinary artist, based among the Coahuiltecan homelands where her people have resided for over 14,000 years (or, what is recently known as Central Texas to Northern Mexico). They hold their MFA in Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities from The University of Texas at Austin. With a decade of teaching experience, she specializes in Indigenous arts integration, digital storytelling as a community-affirming practice, and Indigenizing storytelling. More information at emxaguilar.net and @IndigenizingArtsEd on Instagram.

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